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Hello friends,

A specially for you. A small page in English for our friends/family. Forgive me for faults in this english text. Maybe it will be better after living in New Mexico for 2 years. 

The company Leon works is starting a new dependance in New Mexico (US). After a few days thinking we decided to go with them. An opportunity that we didn't want to let pass by. Even our children are getting more and more excited.

In may 2006 we made our decision and soon after that we heard that Leon could take part of the Key-team.

In November 2006 we met with the rest of the team for an introduction. After this meeting with a lot of stories and photos we went for a delightful meal with the whole team. A good way to get to know eachother.

Dear Friends, 08/16/2008

It is time to keep you updated. Although it is possible to translate our website and weblog but then you will have lots of fun, because it will translate not all the words and it is not plain english.

We are now 6 weeks in New Mexico and still enjoy our stay. We finally have a house now, because our additianal house was rented out and wasn't ready for us. Now we moved to another house and we like it here.

In the first weeks we already made a nice trip up North to Taos, to see the area and get to know the surrounding of Lea County.

But now the children are going to school, Leons goes to work and me.. I'm starting with a pilates course and probably will volunteer for schoolparent. Keep you updated and hope to see/hear you soon.

Love Christel and family.


Hello my friends  08-06-'08.

Oké, we had our fun already. This friday we went to the US-consil. After an hour and a half we were ready there, and had our visa to enter the USA. A stressfull experience if I may say so. Being checked, rechecked and a 3rd check at the gate, finally we were inside the building and than had to give all the right forms to the man behind the bulletproof window. No sir, you need  copies, you gave me two. "Sorry, we only have two".  Than it was not complete. Wait till and see what the consil will do with this problem. Okay... he didn't do anything with that, so no problem. Here are my signatures and have a good time in the US.

Dear friends. See you in the USA...(or Canada visit)

Hello everybody, 7dec 2010

It's been awhile. In the meantime we are back home. The move back to Holland was a piece of cake, especially going back to our own house made it easy. And the warm welcome from friends and family was also beautiful. It feels good to be home, but we also miss Hobbs and the way of live overthere. Where is that country that has things of Holland and NM.... ?

The kids are back in the Dutch schoolsystem and they are doing great. Their first reportcards were beautiful, only some minor problems. Pascalle has the most difficulties with her language, but she has some help with that. Leon is back to his old job, not what we expected/hoped for, but he does his job and started looking for other challenges. Unfortunately his company forgot that expats do come back sometimes. Anyway I'm already back in the PSA... and januari 2011 I'll start looking for a job also.

We miss Hobbs on a daily base, but are also glad to be back home.

Love ya all.


Familie Jonker | leonenchristel@jonkeronline.com